Care tips for the cape marguerite 

If you follow our tips to care for your Señoritas ®, you can enjoy their beauty all summer long! 

  • Señoritas ® are garden plants that feel at home in flower pots, plant containers and flower beds.
  • Señoritas ® are sun lovers. Place the cape marguerite in a sunny spot on your balcony, terrasse or garden. 
  • Being native to a southern region, the cape marguerite can survive short dry periods. Water the plant only when the topsoil layer is dry. 
  • Don’t let the roots stand in water. Make sure that excess water can escape from the pot. Only use pots with a drainage hole. Cover the bottom with a layer of hydro pellets.
  • When watering, avoid getting the flowers wet. Pour the water directly into the pot.
  • The cape marguerite is an annual plant, but overwintering is possible. Cut back the plant at the end of November and put it in a cool, frost-free and dark room.